The Sedro Project a is technology platform to allow computers
to understand human communication.


Read, Understand, Learn, and Use Information

The Sedro Project Information Cycle allows inline learning and use of information


Reads Language

  • Reads text, HTML, doc and pdf (with limits)
  • Supports English

Understands Content

  • Determines the meaning and proper use of content

Learns Information

  • Identifies, extracts and classifiers things, relationships, and more

Uses Information: Save, Answer, or Action

  • Data Extraction
    • Saves data into an Ontology
    • Export elements of data, transform to JSON, Text, HTML or anything you like
  • Answer questions
    • Answer questions from information set, free from, no training
  • Create conversation
    • Free form or outcome oriented; allows non-linear conversation
    • Simple external API integration and information ingress

Cloud API or Java Library

The Sedro Project enables your application to understand and has many means to integrate information into your systems



  • Simple freemium metered use, with multiple plans.
  • Easy to integrate into any language or cloud product
  • limited functionality / information currently available

Extendable Java Library

  • Faster processing, direct java access to information
  • Extendable via plugin modules
  • Not limited to current REST API functionality

Data Base Access

  • Direct Data Access via REST API
  • Data export to file