NLP/NLU Sedro Platform Features

Sedro is a complete NLP/NLU platform that allows functional elements to be added, overridden or removed via plugins. The Platform features may also be used via java APIs, data export or REST APIs.

The base feature set includes:

  • Data Extraction
  • Language Identification
  • Named-entity recognition (NER) and extraction
  • Word-sense disambiguation (WSD)
  • Co-reference Resolution (and bound variable?resolution, and Pleonastic)
  • Entity/Mention Classification and alias resolution
  • Multiword expressions
  • Speaker and Point of View recognition/extraction
  • Verb valance mapping
  • Knowledge Representation System (KRS)
  • Possession and conical possession mapping
  • Time / number evaluation and numeric extraction
  • Token / Feature Scope and mapping to human object relations
  • Document semantic layout extraction
  • Template matching and document specific semantic mapping
  • Customizable no-code document information extraction
  • Federated Ontology supports plug-ins for knowledge sets
  • Database agnostic Lexicon / Ontologies
  • Deep Information mapping and extraction for machine learning and data mining
  • Entity to entity relationship mapping
  • Question and Answering
  • Command handling scripts and plugins